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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Birmingham, Alabama

Posted by on Jul 9, 2017 in Adventure Travel | Comments Off on Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham City is one of the cities in the country that’s often underrated. Let’s just say those who underrate this city are yet to visit. Birmingham, Alabama has a lot of exciting festivals that travelers and families can indulge in and have great fun all year round. It is endowed with natural beauty that one can’t exhaust its serenity while there. You can come here and enjoy unbeatable hotel rates. Birmingham Alabama it’s just the place to be if you’re planning for a family vacation. Don’t forget that you can learn more about the historical background of the Civil Rights. Read on to find a reason to visit Birmingham city this year.

Attractions that are Family Friendly

Birmingham is the best place to be with your family. It’s full of family attraction sites and outdoor adventures that will make your vacation exciting and memorable. Some of the family-friendly attractions in Birmingham City include McWane Science Center, Birmingham Zoo, the Railroad Park, the Vulcan Park and Museum and the Rickwood Field Park. The Vulcan Park is the 3rd largest cast iron statue in the world and it’s a good place to start your visit in the city. The Birmingham Zoo that has over 170 animals, a carousel and a zoo train. The train is captivating especially to the kids; this would be one of the best vacations for your whole family.

Festivals all year round

The first thing travelers want to find out when they arrive in this beautiful city is which festival is happening in full swing. Birmingham City has warm weather and a favorable environment that makes it the perfect spot and destination for festivals. The first major festival takes place in February which involves celebrating Art, writing and Music. If you want to experience the ONB Magic City Art connection plan your trip here in April. You’ll get to spend time exploring booths that are full of pottery, jewelry, paintings, photos, sculptures and many more. The funniest of them all is known as Do Dah Day that takes place in mid may.

You can’t miss one of the most hilarious parade of dogs in mid-May during the Do Dah Day festival.

Amazingly Affordable hotels

After spending your time up and down the city, you’d want a good place to either have a romantic meal with your partner or relax with your entire family. You can find luxurious but affordable hotels in Downtown Birmingham. Some of the best hotels in this city include the Residence Inn, the Hilton Garden Inn Birmingham, the Hampton Inn and Suites Birmingham and more. Most of these hotels are close to recreational sites where you can take your family out for some adventure. Thanks to American Renovations (roofing anderson sc) for help with the article.

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